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Select and place the Tracker in your basket. Tracker 1, works on 2G networks and 3G networks. Tracker 2, works on 3G networks and 4G networks.
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Free Tracker 1, receive a free tracker with a year’s subscription to Connect service.

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GPS Tracker/Emergency Medical Alert Services.

How it works.

 GPS Tracker Alert Services Smart trac Tracker 1 and Tracker 2 our proprietary smart mobile tracker has been designed to work on the latest technology available today, it is life Changing and life Saving device. We have partnered with multiple major Cellular network service providers throughout the world to offer maximum local, regional, national and Global coverage to all our customers. Works based on the existing GSM/GPRS cellular network and GPS satellites using the latest and updated technology that is available. 2g 3g and 4g networks are supported by the tracker which can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS GPRS or GPS. 'Small as credit card'and packed with powerful features our tracker is designed for compact and easy use for Luggage, SOS alarm for an emergency, elderly and children protection, pet protection, personal, vehicle tracking and asset protection, and SOS alarm notification with built-in GPS and GSM module to capture real time GPS data sent to the authorized mobile number by SMS, it can show the current location of the tracker on your phone by tracking the location on Google earth or Google maps. The tracker, GPS data can also be transmitted by GPRS to any Internet server so that realistic real time tracking can be viewed on a computer as well as a cellphone. Our tracker also has voice surveillance function and two way voice communication for emergency alert and SOS function by dialing the device number on your mobile to monitor the voice and sounds around it.   1) Works on all 2g 3g and 4g networks. 2) Real time tracking captured and viewed on Google maps. 3) Two way voice communication and voice monitoring. 4) Geo Fence perimeter setup. 5) Historical tracking. 

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Our proprietory tracker has been certified and approved by independant lab testing, CE for UK and European countries and FCC for North America. RoHS compliant World Wide. 

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