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Have questions or need help about our Proprietory GPS Tracker/Emergency Medical Alerts, contact us at Support.


All GPS tracking/Emergency alert electronic devices require a connection to the GPS satellite service and Cellular network service providers to work and operate properly, services may not always be available in all areas. Smart trac uses multiply service providers in different countries throughout the Globe to offer maximum coverage. We recommend that you check the coverage in your area by going to and checking the coverage in the area the device will be operating.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why should I buy a Smart Trac GPS Tracker and Emergency Medical Alert device.

A. Our Smart Trac device is our proprietory device 3 years in the making manufactured with the latest technology and operating on a robust software system which works World Wide.

Q. Will the tracker work in my area.

A. Our tracker works World Wide and requires a GPS signal and Cellular Network service as do all GPS and Emergency Alert service devices. Contact our support team for more information on coverage.

Q. What happens if my signal is lost.

A. If a cellular signal is poor or lost in your area our device will automatically look for another carrier or service provider, for 
example: In the USA AT&T and T-Mobile are the cellular network partners we use to provide a service, so when AT&T service coverage is not available T-Mobile would be used to provide you with a Network Service. We have partnered with over 240 network service providers World wide.

Returns Policy: Returns will be accepted for a refund within 30 days from purchase providing the product has been, unopened in the same packing, unused, with the sim card not activated and in the same condition as sent out. Customer must request RNA for all returns from the support team and quote this number on all correspondence. Customer is responsible for return postage and insurance. 



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